Friday, July 31, 2009

On Creativity...

So I’ve been thinking about creativity. And if you have to explain the importance of creativity to someone, they’re probably not going to get it. Either your mind works that way or it doesn’t. And that’s ok. I can’t do math. Don’t waste your time explaining quantum physics to me. I’m just thrilled you know how to do it so I don’t have to. :)

But I’ve been thinking about the importance of creativity and what it means to my life in particular. Days that don’t allow me creative time are typically not my best days. I’m almost annoyed when other things require my attention. I don’t know what that says about me as a wife, mother, sister, daughter or friend; but let’s just say I’ve made more than one apology for “not getting back to you...”

My Mom was quite influential in the whole creativity thing from an early age. I think it’s in our family genes, but if left un-nurtured could slowly fade away. From the time I was old enough to hold a needle, my Mom had me doing simple embroidery stitches. As I grew older and started taking sewing classes in school, she showed me shortcuts and easier, more efficient ways of bringing my projects to fruition. And although I never quite reached her level, I remember showing her a dress in a magazine and watching her then pick up yesterday’s newspaper and creating a pattern.

I do know this about me – and I think my creative sisters would agree - creativity is my very breath. Take away my ability to be creative and I am hyperventilating. O, it’s not like I walk around with a sewing machine on my back. But I’ve always got a notepad with me (either a moleskin or on my iPhone) to jot down ideas as they come to me, or to write a few lines when I’m inspired by something or someone. I’ve always got a camera with me (either a “real” camera or my iPhone) because I capture images of everything that’s in front of me ~ whether that be a sunset over the ocean or a great looking NY style thin-crust pizza (just ask my family – nobody eats until I’ve got my shot!). And I constantly find inspiration in the most obscure of places.

I look at creativity as a gift – a precious gift to be shared. I know it has prolonged my mother’s life ~ she will be 91 in a few months and still sews and quilts on a daily basis. I delight in knowing that for all my days ~ as I write, as I shoot, as I knit, as I sew ~ I will never be bored, never be lacking for something to do and always have a source of happiness quite literally at my fingertips.

How lucky am I??