Monday, July 13, 2009

Each One Unique...

Well, the wedding dogs are done. Today I add their "collars;" sew a little traveling/sleeping bag for each; make a hang tag "information/introduction" label about each one and they will be ready to meet their delivery man this week. He will hand-carry them to Canada for me.

As I lined them up this morning for a group shot I realized even though they are very, very similar, each one has their own unique look and personality already! The two in the middle are for 2 year olds, so their eyes and noses are made of felt ~ safer for little hands and mouths. The ones on the outer edges will go home with a couple of 8 year olds and a couple of 4 year olds (I think). I hope they enjoy their homes in the Great White North!

I'll miss them... As with any of my little guys, I get attached as they come to life. This group, especially, because as they have grown in number I've spent more time with them than any other special request. I feel as though I'm saying goodbye to sextuplets! :)

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