Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Mess

Actually it's an organized mess, but what a busy day... the little sugar bear in the pouch is personal, not business. A gift for a friends of friends who have a 4 month old baby in Children's Hospital suffering from a severe liver problem. :( If I can bring a smile to Mom and Dad's face for one minute, I want to. I had to stop for a minute and be grateful for having healthy children - back in the day and now...

The other bear - special order for twins due soon, a girl and a boy. Just starting the blue polka dot dog for the boy. And I just received an order for 7 more dogs (what's with all the dogs?) - 6 of whom are gifts for children attending a wedding. All to be completed in the next couple of weeks.

Can you say busy? But such a happy, fulfilling busy. YAY! Just finished lunch (lowfat vanilla yogurt, strawberries, grapes, flax seed and almonds if you were wondering. And yes, that chocolate in the back of the picture is an addiction...). Now I deliver the little sugar bear, turn down an offer for last minute tickets to a concert at Red Rocks tonight and back to the sewing machine.

Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian friends! And what lovely people you are!


  1. I spied the chocolate immediately :D

  2. a girl after my own heart. ;-)