Saturday, July 18, 2009

I Give It 5 Minutes...

Seriously. Because I know me. I've lived with me for 54.5 years. (yowza!) I love, love, love being neat and organized. And it takes me 5 minutes to make a mess again.

And nothing forces one to get neat and organized like company comin'. (Don't tell anyone, but aside from moving, it's the only time I really, really clean. Because life is too much fun to spend it cleaning.) So that was the impetus for this cleaning and organizing -- company comin', not moving. But it was long overdue as the focus of my studio in the last few months has switched emphasis from photography to sewing. (O, I will always be a wannabe photographer; it's just not my main focus right now.)

So I spent the day organizing. I won't show the pictures of the previous contents of the closet which now lie in the guest room and are awaiting a resting place... that's tomorrow. For now I feel good about the closet. I picked up some cheapy plastic shelving at Home Depot, assembled them lickety split (of course a few pieces were missing - I've come to expect and accept that...). But now my fabric is organized by color and weight (fleece here, flannel over there and cotton on that shelf); the yarn is in plastic tubs, organized by color; knit hats ready to send to "Beanies for Baghdad" are in that shipping box; the polyfill (which takes up a lot of space) has a home and the part I'm really excited about ~~ a new padded cover for the ironing board (out of sight - and I don't mean that in a 70's slang kind of way) and a new iron! Omg - I'm so excited about a new iron! And did you know they range in price from $14.99 to 79.99?? That's crazy. Mine was $21 at Target and has a teflon face. YAY!

And I was then able to clear the shelves in my studio (right side of the diptych). And I smiled when I reviewed the photo because there's so much of my cyberspace life there. The hauntingly beautiful lighthouse/boat photographs, framed and hung near the ceiling are courtesy of Bonnie. (I'll do links later when I'm not so tired.) On the bulletin board are photographs and notes from Susan Sabo and her smalldogs; Polaroids from Bonnie and Kat ~ all of which make me smile every day.

All of this accomplished today while wrapping up my week-long trip down memory lane with Carrie and the girls. Of course I'm referring to Carrie Bradshaw, Samantha Jones, Charlotte York and Miranda Hobbs. I finished watching all 6 seasons of "Sex and the City" just as I called it a day. *Sigh* I miss them and loved that series so much... I've seen the movie probably 5 times and still cry at the end... Ahhh... Mr. Big. *sigh*

Ahhhh... Romance.

Don't ya' love how I take you from cleaning closets to romance? *wink*

So now I toast an organized closet (for 5 minutes) and Carrie and Big (for 5 minutes) with a glass of champagne... :)

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