Friday, July 30, 2010

Certain Things. Like the Tooth Fairy.

Three things are certain. Death (sorry to tell ya'); taxes (again, my sympathies); and kids will lose their baby teeth.

In Ireland and Great Britain, children used to bury baby teeth. In some Asian countries, children throw their lost tooth off the roof or into the space below the floor (depending on where the tooth was located in the mouth). In Japan, children throw the tooth straight down or straight up in the air (again depending on where the tooth was located in the mouth). *

And in America, of course, children leave their woebegone tooth under their pillows or in a "safer" (for the Tooth Fairy) place such as a Tooth Fairy pillow in hopes they will receive a reward (usually monetary). In my day it was a nickel; I am scared to think what it is today... But that's neither here nor there ~ the need still exists!

So the new addition in my Etsy shop cmh design are Tooth Fairy pillows.
Of course. ;-)

*Source - Wikipedia

Pillows. They're Not Just for Kids Anymore.

When I began designing pillows a few weeks ago, the first designs definitely had a "kid-friendly" feel and that was the direction in which I thought I would go.

Not so fast. ;-) I soon began getting requests from some big kids (aka adults). My sister-in-law from the Great White North wanted a few in Canadian themes ~ thinking snowflakes for the coming winter; my son wanted a dragon for his wife, a student in Chinese Medical School; a friend wanted a sailboat befitting his New England home.

So, although the majority of the designs I come up with will most likely be centered around kids, I'm always open to requests from those big kids, too. Because as my friend Jeff says, "Pillows are just stuffed animals for men." And apparently, women, too. :)

(Check out the possibilities @ cmh design. Just go to "Shop" page to find the links to all my venues! Or got directly to my Etsy shop cmh design.)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Programming Note...

So you may have noticed some changes in my online presence (and eventually my "in life" presence) as I make the transition from "freckles & friends" into the new phase of "cmh design."

I eluded to changes on the horizon here and with the help of my IT guys (translation - husband and son, IT consultants by day; bribed family members by night) we have taken steps to make everything consistent. (I'm big on branding and consistency...) Over the last couple of weeks much designing and coding and all sorts of crazy things ensued.

So now my blog, my Etsy shop, my Facebook business page (I will be begging you and reminding you to join me on that new page because unfortunately I have to start all over!), my labels, my business cards, on and on and on... will all be switched over from "freckles & friends" to "cmh design." Bear with me.

Because my line of handcrafted merchandise is growing, "cmh design" seemed to be a good idea to incorporate a broader base from which to work. I have a new website acting as a central location to link you all to the various spots my products can be purchased - both online and brick 'n mortar. My new site will also serve as a spot to quickly check in and see what's happening behind the scenes and how to keep up with the latest creations and fun tidbits in general.

So now, (drum roll) here it is!!!! cmh design Log on and take a stroll around. And check back often for updates on new projects, new merchandise and new venues! (And maybe a chuckle or two...)

Thank you SO much for your patience as I transition ~ and thanks for making all this growth possible. It is all too. much. fun!! :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Everything is Ducky. Super Ducky!

My Dad was a man of few words. Very few. So when he did say something I remembered it. There are two comments he made during my adult life that I distinctly remember.

One was:
"You sure know how to make work for yourself."

While visiting one summer he watched from his chair in front of the TV as I ran up and down stairs many times. He said, "Cindi. I get tired just watching you."

Obviously I take after my Mom. ;-)

So deciding to add a line of applique pillows to freckles & friends has created a lot of work for me. But soooooo much fun as well! An incredibly delicious amount of fun! I'm having a blast and just two days in have started receiving special orders. I am planning to specialize in simple, whimsical designs for nurseries and children's rooms. (But I'm not adverse to designing for adults as well!) I am thrilled that all of the beautiful gift shops I partner with have requested supplies. A few pillows will be making their debut at On A Lark's 2nd Sidewalk Fair this Saturday, July 17 from 10am - 2 pm. If you're in the area, stop by and check them out for yourself.

If you're not in the area, stay tuned because they will soon be appearing in Stoopher & Boots in New York City and Modern Mouse in the San Francisco Bay Area (Alameda), as well as in my Etsy shop . :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

I *Heart* Pillows

I have always had a penchant for pillows. Ask my patient husband... the bed is usually full of them; there are a few on the couch (although I've cut back there out of courtesy to guests who have no place to sit); and I have bags of seasonal pillows in the basement. Granted I do rotate them as seasons change; but still... I have a lot of pillows.

I've made a few over the years, but have never really been too attached to them. For months now I've been thinking about mixing up my sewing a bit. I do love my stuffies, but it's fun to create different things.

Today ~ as is my wont ~ I switched out my duvet cover (I'm easily bored) and with it, of course, needed to switch out the throw pillows. Craving color I chose the red duvet cover; then remembered I didn't have much that would coordinate throw pillow-wise.

So I decided to make a pillow. (Eventually three, but this is the first) I adore applique. Simple, clean applique; not that gaudy stuff. The photo above is my first one. I have plans for two smaller ones with simple birds.

(If you were to walk into my house you would see small birds tucked away in many places - as well as many on my deck singing and chowing down. Because in addition to pillows, I love birds, too. I am in awe of them.)

So you ask - what the heck does this have to do with freckles & friends ??? Well, I'm thinking of making appliqued pillows for sweet little babies and their nurseries ~ little kiddles' rooms when they move up to "big boy" and "big girl" beds. Of course I have a ton of ideas for kid-adorable, kid-likable images.
What do you think? Good idea?