Saturday, July 18, 2009

Finding a Voice

It was brought to my attention yesterday that this little guy didn't have a voice ~ and he needed one. Fair enough.
But it did raise a question. As I looked around my studio at my little animals awaiting adoption I realized, with just a couple of exceptions, none of them had mouths. I had never noticed.
So being who I am (slightly analytical) I pondered why. As a child if I didn't hear "children should be seen and not heard," I think it was implied. As a shy girl (who grew up to be an older shy girl), I found my comfort zone behind the camera. It has allowed me to quietly fade into the background and observe life from the sidelines. Marrying into a family of wonderful people who have never known strangers, there was no need for me to speak. The joke was ~ Cindi was in the family for a year and a half before she spoke and that was only after someone asked, "Hey, who's that girl in the corner?" Which has, over the years, evolved into me raising my hand during a neverending conversation and requesting, "May I please speak??!!"
All kinds of possible psychological deep-seated reason why I may have created little creatures without mouths.
Or it could be that I just think they're unique and kind of cute without them. :)


  1. hmm, or it could be that making mouths that look nice is not so easy. ;-) You are tempting me with another as I love these creatures.

  2. Stuffed toys are telepathic and don't really need mouths anyway. I think they're great. :)

  3. shirl - :)
    b - you could be right. a mouth can make or break it as they're pretty expressive. o and i'll keep tempting you. ;-)
    ketryn - i like that theory!