Monday, July 6, 2009

It's Like She has a Butterfly Tattoo. :)

By special request. This colorful little pup and 2 more like her (plus 3 of her "brothers" ~ I've posted them on Facebook) will be winging their way to Calgary for a wedding soon. All of them will be gifts to children attending a wedding there.

Too much fun. :)


  1. Well, I'll be! That butterfly tat is almost like mine!

  2. Hi Cindi,

    I've followed your photography on flickr and used to read your other blog, but hadn't been to either one for a while, so I was sad to see that you weren't blogging any more. Then I was cleaning up my flickr contacts today.... I look forward to seeing more of your creations.

    Krista in Greeley

  3. shirl - i thought of you when i saw that!
    krista - o thank you SO much for your kind note! i had no idea anyone even read my old blog. ;-) it's still floating out there in cyberspace ~ i may return to it someday. till then ~ thank you for following me here! :)