Saturday, July 11, 2009

It's All About Heart...

Life is full of surprises.

What I've been doing ~ creating little creatures out of fabric and thread and polyfill ~ unwittingly bringing some of my childhood memories to life ~ has taken me by surprise.

One little black-furred, brown-eyed pup lives in the DC area now. I hear he/she (I was never quite clear on the gender) is quite happy there. She/he "came to life" in memory of a much beloved dog who recently passed ~ one who bore a resemblance to the imitation pup I sent.

Remember the wedding dogs? There's a story there, too. They will be gifts for the young children attending the August wedding of their uncle. The uncle who just lost his mother (their grandmother) suddenly a couple of weeks ago. How do you explain that to little children? Gently and with love...

One of my "little monsters" has gone to comfort a medical student as she prepares for her proficiency exams to continue on in med school.

Two puppies have gone to a young brother and sister to help ease the loss of their real-life dog who, way too young and way too quickly, passed.

A little giraffe now sits at the bedside of a very brave 9 month old little girl who recently underwent a heart transplant. A tiny teddy bear is off to bring comfort to a 4 month old baby facing a liver transplant.

A dog and a bear anxiously await the arrival of their new best friends ~ a boy and girl - twins - to be born the end of August.

What started out as a hobby ~ one that hearkened back to my past (a lonely little farm girl) and my roots (thank you, Mom, for teaching me how to sew!) ~ is turning into more. Much more. A passion of sorts. A mission in the making. And the ideas keep crowding the corners of my mind and there just aren't enough hours in the day.

I have said this about my writing and about my photography:
If I can evoke emotion ~ make someone laugh, make someone smile, even bring a tear ~ then I have succeeded.

Dare I say I may be close to finding a purpose? Life is full of surprises... and sometimes they are absolutely delightful.

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  1. It's beautiful when it all starts falling into place!