Friday, July 3, 2009

In the Workshop...

Petunia is the newest little piglet in the shop. She's very sweet and very petite. I heart her.
And then there's "black dog" - who shall remain nameless until he reaches his owner on the east coast. (When somone special orders they get to name it.) He's pretty darned cute, too.

And I finished the special order for the twins - the dog, the teddy bear, the pink baby beanie hat, the blue/white baby beanie hat and they will be delivered to the customer tomorrow. It's really been fun creating something special for a little guy and girl yet to be born. I like to think of their little nursery (it too somewhere on the east coast) and as mama and papa rock them to sleep, the last thing they see before their little eyes close are a pink polka dot teddy bear and a blue polka dot smiling dog.

It makes me smile, too.