Friday, March 12, 2010

Marketing - An Old School Alternative

So here's my tip for the day:

Remember that not everyone has a computer. And even if they have one, they may not log on to Etsy every day.

I forget that sometimes because my world would not exist without technology. But it is important to remember. So about four times a year I design a brochure with pictures of my most recent little guys, their prices, and some fun facts and updates on my business. I mail them to past customers, friends and family.

And it is surprising how it pays off. These little guys are on their way to Hawaii, purchased by a previous customer I've not heard from in six months. Another little Irish puppy is on his way across the street to my neighbor, a delightful woman in her 80's who wouldn't know how to turn on a computer if one bit her. After studying my brochure, my sweet mom-in-law will check into my little workshop (literally - she comes over) to see and touch what is new and orders from there.

The brochures take time to design, print and are a little more costly to mail; so alternately I send a simple postcard every now and then to the same group of people. It's just a gentle reminder that Freckles (me) and Friends (my little critters) are still around and we just want to say "hi!"

So hello to you, too. Stop by and visit when you can! :)


  1. Great post, great marketing renew!

  2. Awesome tip Cindi, quarterly postcards are a great idea ;)

  3. Good tip. It's easy to forget the basics in the computer age!