Monday, March 1, 2010

A First. :)

Meet Qwackers. He's a Wee One (7 inches tall).

And my first duck.

And my first original pattern. Now granted, I looked at a duck, but I made my own pattern. In my own way. I added little things to make him look happy and that made me happy. I couldn't stop smiling when he was standing in front of me just looking kind of goofy.

And I'm excited about that because that is the kind of thing my Mom has done her whole life. Not stand in front of me and look goofy (although we have had our share of laughs over her 91 years!). I mean she can look at something and recreate it in her own way.

Could it possibly be that I am getting closer to her level?! There could be no greater compliment or accomplishment in my life. Because she was awesome before awesome existed.

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  1. So cute! My favorite stuffed animal was a bright yellow duck when I was growing up. I called him duckie and my mom had to upen him up and add stuffing so many times!

  2. He turned out great! You've certainly been improving your skills. Congrats!