Saturday, March 13, 2010

Making Shopping Affordable for Everyone

Tip for the Day (and no, I won't have one every day - I just happened to have two in a row this weekend) :)

Offer a variety of price options in your shop.

That thought occurred to me recently when I was doing an inventory of things in my shop, preparing for the Easter holiday. I realized that a lot of what I was offering at the time were larger animals and a bit on the pricey side ($29.99). That can be expensive for a lot of people. I mean, face it. In today's economy buying a stuffed animal , whether it be for your child, yourself or a gift, is kind of luxury. It's not considered a necessity. And with a lot of people barely hanging on, I started to re-think what I offer.

Easter was a perfect time to re-introduce my line of "Wee Ones" ~ small, 7" animals (a lot of them bunnies right now) that I can make from remnants of fabric and charge a reasonable price for. My Mom always taught me to make the most of the fabric I have, right down to the smallest scrap. And priced reasonably (they are all between $7.99-$9.99), they have turned out to be big sellers! It's a win-win!!! Most of them are bunnies now (Easter), but I will be adding more animals (some of my original designs finally!) in the next couple of weeks. In fact, I've been brainstorming with some very creative minds and have some exciting concepts to develop soon!

But my tip for today is remember to keep a variety of items in your shop. Everyone has different sized pocketbooks and it's important to remember that everyone likes and deserves to have something special ~ even if it is a little something. You can find a sampling of my "Wee Ones" here ~ and many, many more will be popping in over the next few weeks.

{Pictured here - Koji (which means small child), The White Rabbit (think "Alice in Wonderland") and Samantha Rose. Koji and Samantha Rose are designed to be safe for babies - the faces are all hand-embroidered and present no choking hazards; The White Rabbit is recommended for ages 3 + Up because of the black plastic eyes.}


  1. Super cute little wee ones!

  2. I agree! Having different price points is a good idea. And sometimes the lower priced items help to sell the higher priced ones.
    Love your lil' critters!