Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Wee Ones Have Arrived!

Well, arrived and gone. Mimi (left) and Poppy (right) were in the shop just minutes before they were snapped up. They will be flying to Tucson on Monday. :)

With the economy slowly coming back (emphasis on slowly) I decided to offer some little animals (emphasis on little - they range in size from 5" - 7" tall) at a lower price point (emphasis on lower). And not only are they priced lower, I can offer cheaper shipping because they're smaller and can fit in an envelope!

They are so much fun to create as each one is partially hand-sewn and the expressions and features are limitless! They're perfect for babies ~ small for little hands and soooo soft. But I think they would also make a perfect "cubicle-mate" for anyone in an office. Or perhaps a little someone to keep you company in your car as you commute. Or as a bedside companion for an elder in a nursing home or a child in the hospital. The possibilities are endless...

So help me welcome the Wee Ones to the world. More will be poppping up in my shop today and in the days to come! And, as always, of course I take special requests!

FYI - check out Etsy's Showcase today, Saturday August 8th, for my featured shop in the Toy Category! New items popping up hourly and we'll be featured until midnight!
(go to the upper right-hand corner where you see "main" and click on the down arrow; scroll down to toys and you will see "freckles & friends" featured)

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