Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Did Someone Say Halloween?

I know. Before I woke up the other day and realized I'm in the retail world, I hadn't given Halloween much thought. Or Thanksgiving. Or Christmas. But now that I realized I am in the retail world, I also realize all of the above are like... tomorrow.

So I'm already behind, but I'll catch up. I've got two black Halloween cats in my shop - Pumpkin here is a "Wee One" - all of 5 inches tall. She has a cousin, "Mystic" who is 10" tall. Lots of other creatures - both cuddly and... not... will be joining them soon.

After a quick 4 day trip to Vegas to celebrate a special someone's 30th birthday, I will be back in the studio pretty much 24/7 stocking up for the holidays and working on a snail mail "holiday preview" catalog and an online newsletter.

Whew. But a very excited and fun-filled and happy "whew." :)

(Oh, and I'm playing with a new look for my blog - something a little cleaner, better organized with more info and links, so bare with me!) :)


  1. Cute, I'm also just starting to think about the fall and Christmas. It's kind of overwhelming though. One step at a time right?

  2. absolutely, dyche designs. i plan to hit it next week - but with somewhat of a plan and one day at a time. :)