Saturday, August 29, 2009


Some days are more inspired than others. Some days are more productive than others. I think I experienced a delayed “jet lag” of sorts yesterday (after returning from a whirlwind weekend in Vegas – Vegas will do that to ya’.) I couldn’t seem to focus and the only thing I created was this little orange monster. I was envisioning Halloween, but it just wasn’t coming together for me. I wasn’t feelin’ the love, so to speak.

So I set her aside for the evening. When I woke up this morning I took a look at her and knew instantly what was missing – the little drops of blood. Just to keep things friendly, I explain in her description that she is a vegetarian vampire, so those aren’t really drops of blood; they are drops of beet juice.

So creating Vicki the Vegetarian Vampire of course lead to creating her boyfriend, Vinny the Vegetarian Vampire with drops of ummm… tomato juice. Yeah, that’s it. Tomato juice!

That little creative block reminded me that sometimes it is really good to step away and take a break. You can’t force creativity and sometimes that part of the brain gets strained and just needs a breather.


  1. So cute,i love it!!

  2. Cute, you're right, it's often when you step away that you get the best ideas. :0)

  3. thank you jeanette (a name very special to me as one of my favorite aunt's name was jeanette), jennifer and kathy!
    yup, sometimes you just need to take a break! :) thank you all for stopping by!