Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back to School :)

After a really fun weekend in Vegas with family and friends (much laughter was enjoyed; great food and grog consumed; a little money… umm… spent – it was Vegas after all), I feel like a kid going back to school. However, without the new outfits, but also without the dread of the unknown ~ new teachers (– I heard the history teacher is mean); new classes (– do I really have to take geometry?); new schedules (– I’ll never make it to biology on time and where’s my locker?) ...

Rather I am returning to the convenience of my studio where I can work in my 'jammies and [usually] all I need is right at hand ~ not to mention the comfort of my cat snoring in her bed next to me and my dog begging for a treat from the jar she knows I keep next to my desk. I returned to a long list of special orders as well as the items already on the list to get my shop stocked for the holidays. I’m working on an online newsletter I plan to publish monthly and a snail mail holiday preview catalog I want to mail in a couple of weeks (not everyone is online, ya’ know ~ there are Grandmas out there with Grandkids and Christmas Wish Lists). ;-)

So it does appear that another summer has waved goodbye and as we enter those crisp, bright days of autumn (my favorite season btw) ~ it is, indeed, time to get back to school/work ~~ smiling all the way!


  1. I'm so happy you're back. Love to see you posting. I enjoy reading about your life. And I'm curious about Vegas, the cutie you took to her namesake city. Did you find a new home for her?

  2. hey shirl. aw, thanks for the kind words. actually "Vega" came back home with me. since i didn't take her anywhere but the plane, she didn't get out much. and honestly, no one called her name, so i'll probably put her in the shop along with her story. ;-)
    i did give a wee one to our son's friends' little 15 month old daughter and she loved it! and it loved her - she's adorable!!