Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Thank You Fellow Etsians!!

Last week I was so excited when I checked my Etsy shop and learned I had my first international sale. A delightful customer from Australia had purchased one of my favorite guys (yes, I’ll admit I have favorites…) ~ Oliver, the long-eared bunny.
This being my first shipment halfway around the world, I wasn’t quite sure where to start. And to complicate it just a little, her purchase had already gone thru Etsy and PayPal before I had a chance to calculate the international shipping rates and change that in my shop for her order. I didn’t want to lose a sale and a nice customer, but also couldn’t afford to forego the additional shipping costs.

Not sure how to proceed, I turned to the Community Forum on Etsy and posed my dilemma. Within in minutes – and I mean minutes – I had responses from fellow Etsians willing to brainstorm the problem with me. It didn’t take long to figure out what to do. Again, within minutes, I had my answer. I simply emailed my customer and explaining I would need to send a PayPal invoice for the additional shipping charges and once I received that payment, the bunny would be on his way. She was fabulous about it, paid immediately and – bingo, bango - Oliver was winging his way Down Under.

So I wanted to thank my fellow Etsians – ShopRedLeaf, GoTo, missbreezybox and HammelArt who all came to my rescue! I was so happy to have an answer so quickly and not risk losing what has turned out to be a wonderful customer and sale! Thank you guys so much!! It’s reassuring to know I have a friendly and helpful place to pose any questions and there will be someone out there in cyberspace to help me. I only hope I can return the same in kind sometime soon! Thanks again!!!


  1. Congratulations on your first international sale, super cute bunny. I've sold overseas before but got a sale in the Netherlands the other day (the furthest place to date). International customers are great. :0)

  2. hey congrats to you, too!
    yup - i was so pleased with my aussie customer - she was super patient and kind!