Thursday, June 30, 2011

To Be Continued...

Coco the Wee Dog asked me to blog a message for him.

As my guest blogger soon, he is busy compiling his interview responses from Project Hello and he plans to blog all the fabulous details and introduce you to our awesome new friends in a couple of days.  So stay tuned.  Here's a little tease - a couple of the interesting responses he received and he wanted me to share with you:
  • Favorite foods?  For two people it was lasagna (to quote them ~ "Who doesn't love a good lasagna?") - and I don't even think they know The Real Housewives of New Jersey!
  • Favorite animal?  Dogs outnumber cats (but it is close and Coco being a dog, he may be skewing the numbers a bit...) and one person likes camels best.
  • And finally ~ under "What is your favorite pastime?" ~ Coco's favorite response so far is "Abundant Liver of Life!"
Coco is working diligently and promises to post his blog soon (like probably tomorrow!).  Until then ~ enjoy some music by Land Lines.  (Now if only I knew how to insert music... use your imagination. ha!)

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