Friday, June 3, 2011

The Color of Business

I have spent the last couple of days educating myself on the ways of logos and branding and the marketing side of business. As my little business grows I realize it is important to hone in on such things. That - and I'm having some signs professional printed. (ha) I realized that as I start investing money in larger and more professional promotional materials, if I was thinking of making changes, now is the time.

I have known from the start the importance of branding and being very consistent with images and words - logo and tagline. (I worked in the cable industry for a long time and branding was drilled into me!) I don't like to change things too often; people will lose interest and/or not know who I am.

But with growth comes the need for change. And now I know just enough to be dangerous. *wink* Since the bulk of my products are child-oriented I focused on which colors would work best for a child-oriented business. I learned that colors in a logo are very important. Who knew that colors can have a subliminal psychological effect on us? It's so interesting. There are tricks to this advertising gig. I learned that orange represents fun, lightheartedness, youthfulness, creativity - and purple has many of the same qualities. They are happy, cheerful colors and appeal to children. Children who will drag their Mama and Papa by the hand to a booth with an orange and purple logo. So it seemed logical that orange and purple should be my color combo, no?

Running it by my pal Stephanie of Stoopher & Boots (who ironically uses orange and purple in her logo as well and is well-schooled in the ways of a child-oriented business), we agreed it was a good choice.

So my teal pup is now orange (and in need of a name...), the text purple. I'm in the process of changing things across the board - all my printed material and all my online venues. For starters I freshened up my blog here with some simple color in the background that kind of coordinates with my new color scheme. I'd love to hear what you think of my new look ~ the logo and the blog. Especially if you like them. *wink*

Onward and upward, peeps!


  1. I love the new background. It's simple and pretty. I like that it gives a little pop of color without distracting from the blog text.

  2. Thank you! That is exactly what I was going for. :)