Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Meet Scout ~ the Star of the Upper West Side!

Little did I know when opened my Etsy shop where this little adventure would take me.  It took a few months to find my focus and when I settled on designing things for kids - with my original designs - I knew I had found my niche.  And once I discovered the Etsy forums and started posting and interacting with fellow Etsians, my business began to pick up.

One day while perusing the forums I came across a post from a gal in New York City who was about to open a gift shop and she was asking if anyone was interested in selling their goods in New York City.  Hmmmm... I thought about it for awhile, ran it past my husband and my son and we all agreed ~ why not?  So I requested more information and the rest is history. In April of 2010 I signed a contract with Stephanie and voila! I'm selling in New York City!

Stephanie owns the charming Stoopher and Boots (located at 385 Amsterdam Ave.). Well, she thinks she owns it... Actually it is owned by her constant companion here, Scout.

As you can see, he is the main attraction in the shop.  So much so that Stephanie came up with a fabulous idea.  She carries a lot of my Wee Ones in her store, so she sent me a note one day asking if I could design a Wee Dog to resemble Scout.  She thought that might be a big seller ~ seeing as how he's the most popular and beloved dog on the Upper West Side and all.  I said I'd give it a shot.

I have since lost track of how many Wee Scouts I have created and sent to her ~ and they are sold exclusively in her New York City shop.  Scout doesn't seem too impressed with his Wee Clone, but apparently the kids in the neighborhood think differently!

So Scout (and - oh yes, Stephanie, too) have inspired a new project for cmh design ~ Wee Clones of your pet.

With the success of the Wee Scouts, I'm tip-toeing into the land of creating impressionistic versions of people's pets.  (With the emphasis on impressionistic!)  So, if you are interested drop me a line (cindi@cindimh.com) and we'll chat.

If you would like to follow Scout (and - oh yes, Stephanie, too) on Facebook here ya' go!

(Photos courtesy of Stephanie - and of course, Scout!)  :)


  1. What a fantastic opportunity! Congrats! Mini Scout is just as adorable as the original ;)

  2. How cute and what a great idea! Scout looks quite proud of his clone.

  3. now available on line!

  4. Thank you Alessandra and Sher ~ it is such a fun project. :)
    Stephanie - thanks for the link!