Tuesday, June 28, 2011

One Word Tees = Awesome!

So here was my dilemma ~ I needed a special tee shirt and I needed it in two days.  Here's the deal:

About six weeks ago I applied to and was accepted into a very cool local event called Project Hello.  It was so named because the concept was to introduce yourself thru your art.  My proposal utilized one of my Wee dogs, Coco.  Coco would interview attendees asking a few important questions (like what is your favorite food - you know, important stuff) and then blog about all his new friends. (That blog post is forthcoming.)

While perusing Etsy one day I came across One Word Tees and noticed one of the shirts said simply "hello."  It hit me immediately - how perfect for Project Hello!  It not only would break the ice for interviews and introductions at the event, but it was unique and fun and most of all ~~ comfortable!  :)  I ordered one immediately and received it in two days.  I was so pleased with the shirt and so happy that I had a unique way to present myself and my Wee Ones at the event.

Late Tuesday afternoon, June 21, I had a thought.  And then I kind of panicked.  You see, my husband, Charlie (although my friend Susan thinks he should go by Mr. Cindi) is not only my biggest cheerleader, but also my wingman.  He jumps right in to support me at events - driving me around, loading the Jeep with tables and screens and bags, helping me set up and tear down.  But most of all - being one of those guys who has never known a stranger - he is my #1 sales rep and PR guy.  He's a good guy.  :)

So my thought late Tuesday afternoon was - oh man... he needs a "hello" shirt, too!  The problem?  I live in Colorado and One Word Tees is based in Delaware.  A quick glance at a map of the US and one realizes, hmmmm... can we make this happen logistically?  So I quickly emailed Ross at One Word Tees and explained my dilemma.  He said he would do his best to get a shirt to me by Friday, the 24th (the event was Saturday, the 25th), but couldn't guarantee delivery.  Well, this being Wednesday, the 22nd, now I told him I totally understood; but let's give it a shot.  I think we can do it. And even if it doesn't arrive in time, I don't care.  I know "Mr. Cindi" will love it and appreciate the thought. :)

Ross didn't hesitate.  He got the package off Wednesday ~ a big thank you to his lovely and talented fiancee Nicole for the special drop off at the PO!  One of the happiest moments I've had in a while was opening my mailbox Friday afternoon and there it was - a package from One Word Tees!

Long story (sorry) short - my husband loves his tee and proudly wore it beside me and supported me all day long at Project Hello.  The most fun though?  Going for a celebratory glass of wine (it was a good day) and a bite to eat after at one of our favorite local restaurants, Racines (nicest people, best service and yummiest food in town!).  For two hours people were saying "Hello!"   I joked that when we sat together we were a U2 song.  (Vertigo - "Hello, hello, to my place called Vertigo")

So if you are looking for something unique and fun, check out One Word Tees.  I love their concept - so simple and clean, but so fun!  And the service?  Well I think you can see - it is superb.

Thank you Ross and Nicole.  Customer service like this is what sets businesses apart.  And you are the best!

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