Monday, June 20, 2011

Meet the Happy Birds ~ Because Life Is Too Short To Be Mad.

I have always had an affinity for birds.  When I was a child visiting my Grandparents I loved the soulful cooing of mourning doves.  They fascinated me because I only heard the doves there.  So, of course, to this day whenever I hear that mournful "coo coo" I think of my Grandparents ~ especially my Grandfather (a retired farmer) and his bountiful garden.

Hiking thru mountains and meadows with my children when then were young, the sweet song of a meadow lark was always welcome music to my ears.  It meant winter was behind us and warm, beautiful hiking weather lay in front of us.  Hearing a meadow lark singing today takes me right back to those sunny days hiking with my little guys.

Today walking out my door is like stepping into wild kingdom.  Along with the bunnies scattering underfoot, house finches are feeding at one feeder; goldfinches chowing down on another.  Hummingbirds buzz past my ear and red-tailed hawks and American white pelicans soar overhead.

So yes.  One could surmise I have a fondness for birds.  :)

So with birds being so popular these days (those of the angry breed in particular), I wanted to bring my love of birds to my Wee Ones.  So welcome my new line of "Happy Birds" ~ because life is too short to be mad all the time.  *wink*

Meet (front to back, left to right) - Tango, Sunny, Rufus, Cinder, Twinkle, Boo and Apple.  Coming to my Etsy shop soon.

P.S. Apple just flew into the shop
Sunny just flew into the shop


  1. Cute Happy Birds! My daughter would love these!

  2. Too cute! And I love how colorful they are!