Friday, November 6, 2009

She Was Worth It.

I've always said I really dislike working with chenille because it is so messy ~ it sheds so there is lint everywhere when working with it. (I'd post a pic of the floor of my studio, but it's embarrassing!) Lint in my eyes. Lint in my nose - a lot of sneezing ensues. Lint all over my black knit pants. I know. Don't wear black knit pants when working with pink chenille. Duh.

So I had sworn off chenille until I got two special requests for chenille dogs. A sale is a sale, so I although I left them till the very end of the large order, I forged ahead ~ lint and all. A baby blue chenille dog came to life and then came this little sweet pink one. Too much cuteness. I can't stand it. She's in her gift bag here, waiting to be shipped off.

Once I surrendered to the lint and just ignored it, well, it wasn't so painful after all. Next on tap ~ I'm going to make a chenille puppy (or bunny) for myself! I realized the other day I don't have any of my own animals and these chenille ones just call to me!

Cuteness. :)


  1. adorable! congratulations on the large order!

  2. What a cute little outcome of all your lint!!!

  3. thank you jammersage, erica and shrimp salad circus, for stopping by.
    ha - she was indeed an outcome of all that lint. she was a good reminder that putting up with a bit of a mess is worth the end result. :)