Monday, November 16, 2009

Ringo the Ring Bearer!

This little guy just got invited to a December wedding. One in which he will play a major role.

I received an Etsy notice yesterday that Ringo here (appropriately named as it turns out) will be carrying the bride and groom's wedding rings down the aisle! The bride said she wanted something other than a boring ol' pillow for her ring bearer to carry. When she found Ringo she decided he was a perfect alternative because he looks just like her real dog.

I can't stop smiling. One of my little pups is going to be in a wedding. I absolutely LOVE hearing the stories of where my animals go and the lives they live when they leave me.

And why I love waking up each morning! It's all about the smiles.


  1. That is so cool, I recently had a bride order some of my candles which she was including in her gift bags. It's the greatest feeling to think that something you created is forming part of such a special day, congrats.

  2. thanks eline and dyche designs! congrats on the wedding candles, too! :)