Monday, November 9, 2009

For the Ladies of Cedar Place.

This is the cutest story ever.

In September my Mom turned 91. For her birthday I, of course, sent her a freckles & friends long-eared bunny. I mean, what else would you give a 91 year old? My Mom has been a coffee-lover her entire life so I found some fabric that would suit her taste ~

Mom lives in a lovely retirement community. Apparently she loved the bunny (dubbed Coco) so much she carried it to her afternoon coffee with the girls. And then to a birthday party. And then to Bingo the next day. You get the idea ~ Mom's a great saleswoman.

It only took about 10 days before she sent me a little slip of handwritten orders for 17 animals ~ all different shapes and sizes and breeds and colors and designs.

I have since sent my Mom business cards that say "Vice President of Sales, Midwestern Region."

It took awhile to complete the project (especially because my 35 y o sewing machine died mid-production), but they were all bagged (gift bags), tagged (named and a little story about each one) and shipped last Friday. Following the tracking numbers, I do believe they arrived today.

I cannot wait to hear their reaction...

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