Saturday, November 21, 2009

Naoko Stoop's Whimsical World

Once in awhile you come across art that just steals your heart. That is what happened to me when I discovered the whimsical, sweet and inspiring images created by Naoko Stoop I discovered Naoko’s art on Etsy even before I started creating my little friends. The little red knit cap girl and her companion, the white bunny, made me smile and filled me with … I don’t know ~ maybe hope?

There is something in the innocence of her images that I love. Anything that can bring endless smiles is something I will keep in my life and share with those I love. I bought the two bird prints for my daughters-in-law for their birthdays last year. The red umbrella image ~ well you know how I love a good umbrella and a bunny ~ so that was a no-brainer. I had to have it. Recently I purchased the set of note cards which I plan to frame and hang in my home.

If you need a smile check out Naoko’s Etsy shop Thank you, Naoko, for putting so much happiness and love out into the world.

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