Friday, November 4, 2011


In my Dad's later years (he lived to be 87) one of his favorite pastimes was to watch television with my little niece.  The cartoon they enjoyed the most was Clifford the Big Red Dog.  That always made me chuckle because my Dad's name was Clifton (but he was better known as Clif).

As his health failed, he spent the last three weeks of his life in a beautiful hospice facility.  My Mother and I spent every day with him, with other family members coming and going.  He would drift in and out of sleep and later in and out of consciousness.  Once in awhile he would mutter things softly.  One day when I returned from running an errand my Mom said, "He keeps talking about a big red dog; he sees a big red dog.  I have no idea what he's talking about."  Taken out of context like that we were puzzled..  We thought for awhile; then I had a light bulb moment.

"Mom, he sees Clifford.  Clifford the Big Red Dog!"

He passed away shortly after that and I'm hoping that Clifford the Big Red Dog ~ or some semblance thereof ~ was there to greet him on the other side.

Yesterday I spent the day creating some new Wee Ones with subtle holiday/Christmas themes. Red is a big holiday color, so I noticed it was a recurring theme in the new "holiday collection of critters."  And without even thinking about it, I created a red dog.  Once I realized, omysweetgoodness, I have a red dog ~ it was obvious what his name would be.

Clifton. The Wee Red Dog.

Here's to you, Dad. :)


  1. Very cute, my son would get a kick out of it.

  2. This made me cry :')

  3. What a wonderful, touching story.

    Lynette - SweetPosyDreams