Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bunnies. They're Not Just for Easter Anymore.

Bunny season is typically in the Spring and near Easter for me.   I've discovered something recently as bunnies - both BIG (about 13") and small like the guys above (about 6") - have been selling on a regular basis.  Go figure.

Then it was brought to my attention by a couple of customers that in some cases these bunnies are acting as "security blankets" -- or "security bunnies" if you will -- for little ones.   In fact some little guys become so attached to their bunny Mom is ordering a "back up" bunny, just in case the original goes missing.  Moms have told me they are just the right size to tuck into a diaper bag or a purse and they won't leave home without them.

I think that is the sweetest compliment I could receive!  You can be sure these and other "security bunnies" will be in stock at all times.


  1. That's a good use for bunnies - and I like these a lot! I make them too, as you can see if you'd like to visit where I post about how I make, mend and otherwise create soft toys which I then try to sell at Please feel free to comment and follow - as I'm about to do to you.

    Happy Thanksgiving