Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Very Own Bug-a-bootie Cuties

Cyberspace can be a wonderful place ~ both for friendships and finding unique items.

A few months ago I got acquainted with a fellow Etsian, Lauren.  Lauren makes the most adorable soft-soled shoes (aka house shoes) for babies, toddlers and adults.  Both being seamstresses we often share the trials and triumphs of sewing machines, fabric, patterns ~ you name it.  (No one appreciates the thrill of finding a fabric you absolutely love other than another fabric-obsessed seamstress!)

As cooler temperatures began to set in recently and I pulled out my raggedy old slippers, I began seeing some really awesome house shoes showing up on Lauren's Facebook Business Page.  So one chilly night while my toes were shivering, I logged onto Lauren's Etsy Shop Bug-a-booties and ordered some house shoes in my favorite color ~ green.

I've known Lauren as a fun and sweet friend; but getting to know Lauren the Business Woman was a real treat, too! Lauren's response to my order was immediate and thorough.  She followed up with questions to insure that my house shoes would be a perfect fit for my feet.  I realized as we went thru sizing process that making shoes for someone sight unseen could be tricky business.  But Lauren is a true pro; she definitely knows her stuff.

My beautiful house shoes arrived this morning and I couldn't be more pleased!  I just love them.  Not only are they adorable and super comfortable, the craftsmanship (or is that craftwomanship?) is outstanding.  Attention was paid to every detail.  And soft is right ~ flannel and velvet with fun, soft leather soles.  I wish Lauren had been around when my boys were little ~ not only are these great for grown-ups, but they are the perfect shoe for little ones!

So now I find myself thinking...  I want to give everyone I know a pair of Bug-a-bootie house shoes for Christmas!  Of course that's not possible, but I would encourage you to take a peek at her shop; I'll bet you'll find some Holiday gifts there yourself!

Thank you, Lauren, for making such a fun, unique and quality product!


  1. Thank you so much Cindi! I am so honored that you would take the time to write in your blog about me and my product. It has been an unbelievable pleasure and a blessing to get to know you and I look forward to our growing friendship and shared love of warm feet and all things fabric! You are amazing! Thanks again!!!