Monday, August 1, 2011

The "Wee Clone" Fever is Contagious in NYC!

The "wee clone" business in New York City is going strong ~ thanks to Stephanie of Stoopher & Boots on the Upper West Side (385 Amsterdam Ave.)!  A few months ago Stephanie asked if I could design a "wee clone" of her constant companion, store mascot and neighborhood rock star (a King Charles Spaniel), Scout.  I was honored to be asked and happy to oblige with my impressionistic version.

Stephanie has been a fabulous promoter for "wee clones" in the Big Apple.  Meet Guy, the golden retriever puppy

And my impressionistic version of Guy and his enormous paws ~ Whoopsy Daisy.  :)

Next up?  Albert.  Who I just want to smoosh ~ he looks like Paddington Bear!  {Stay tuned.}

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