Sunday, July 31, 2011

Field Trip!

Last week the Denver area experienced a first ~ the opening of a 415,000 sq. ft. IKEA store.  The first in Colorado and actually the first in the Rocky Mountain region (east of Salt Lake City).

What - you may ask - does that have to do with cmh design?  Nothing. :)  But all work and no play makes Cindi grumpy.  So the mister, the son and I took a little field trip to IKEA the other afternoon.  None of us had ever set foot into an IKEA store, so we didn't really know what to expect.

What we found was:
*Roads blocked off and policemen directing traffic - just to get into the parking lots (lots - plural)
*Once inside the store - people wearing "Event Staff" shirts guiding us
*Signs and employees giving tutorials on how to shop @ IKEA
*For every square foot of the 415,00 sq. ft. - just about as many people
*The discovery that this isn't a store - it's a city!

We all found things we liked in the store - I seemed to have a thing for light fixtures and lighting in general that particular day.  The mister was attracted to all the little kitchen and techy gadgets and the son was interested in bookcases, shelving and couches.  But with that many people and all the body heat generated by said amount of people, we were in and out as quickly as could be - vowing to come back in a few weeks when things settle down.

Which seems to run counter intuitive to my recent thoughts of downsizing, paring down, purging, sorting, tossing, donating most of the "stuff" we currently own.  Thoughts of waving goodbye to the suburbs and moving more urban have been pervading my days of quietly sewing and letting my mind wander.  Perhaps it is best for me to keep my distance from the temptations of IKEA ~ and think about how nice it would be to walk a couple of blocks on the weekend and enjoy this, as we did after our field trip:

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