Thursday, June 25, 2009

Welcome to my World of Whimsy

So here's the deal. And why I do what I do.

As a little girl I lived in the country ~ miles away from other homes. With my closest sibling being seven years older than I, I often found myself just wandering the perimeter of our farm with a stuffed animal in tow. I talked to them. I read to them. I sang to them (good thing we were in the country). I shared tea parties with them.

But most importantly I couldn't shut my eyes at night without making sure they were all tucked in, blankets up to their chins and lined up side by side on my big bed. I don't recall all the names, but next to me were two teddy bears, a dog, a squirrel and a snake (yes, a snake). I still have the dog. I won't say how old he is but... he's old.

Because they were such an integral part of my childhood, as an adult I still have an affinity for stuffed animals. Having spent the last five years focused (ha! no pun intended) solely on photography, I was searching for a new direction. For some reason - still unknown - this creating stuffed animals idea popped into my head. I told myself, "You know how to sew. How hard can it be?"

So I cleared off the work table, dusted off the ol' Singer, bought some fleece fabric and a pattern and began. And became addicted. I opened a little shop on Etsy and dubbed it "freckles & friends" (because, yes, I've still got the childhood freckles and, yes, I've still got the childhood affection for stuffed animals).

Each one is made with love ~ I know that sounds trite, but it's true. Every time I send one off to a new home, I miss 'em. Because what a little cuddly dog or bear - or giraffe - represents to me is comfort. Comfort to a child (of any age) who may feel lonely or sad or just in need of a buddy to walk with.

I know what my little critters meant to me as a child. If I can bring happiness or comfort or fun to another child (again, of any age), then I am one happy girl.

Stay tuned to my blog here ~ I'll post updates on my latest projects and news of ones to come. And I may just say what I watched on Netflix last night (Milk - for the second time); or the last concert I went to (Marc Cohn & Katie Herzig in Boulder - it was great); or what I'm eating for breakfast (because I know you can't take one more breath without knowing ~ lowfat vanilla yogurt, strawberries, grapes and a few walnuts).

And I will always, always thank you for stepping into my world for just a few minutes. :) What's happening in yours?

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