Friday, June 26, 2009

Sparky - the Happy, High Energy 4th of July Dog

Although he looks a tad pink here (and it's possible it is my monitor...), Sparky is actually as red as a delicious apple. He turned out to be one happy guy, too, so it was fun shooting him "up." He's sporting his star-spangled 4th of July ribbon and is ready to party down with fireworks!

I've got to confess I wasn't sure about making a red dog, but as is true of most of my little guys, once they are finished they make me smile. And although I have never watched it I remember my Dad watching "Clifford, the Big Red Dog" when he was well into his 80's. My little 4 year old [at the time] niece got him hooked on it. It was a little strange to see him sitting in his recliner (alone) smiling from ear to ear as he watched this children's cartoon; but it made him happy so who was I to judge.

Ironically, as he lie in hospice during his final days he remarked to me more than once that he saw a big red dog wagging his tail and barking for him to "come over here." We finally surmised he was talking about Clifford, the Big Red Dog. And that made me smile.

So when I turned little Sparky around today after I closed up the final seam and saw his big red dog smile, all I could think of was my dad... And the kicker?

My dad's name was Clifton. Close enough.

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