Monday, June 29, 2009

Recycling Tip # 31

I recycle as much as I possibly can, but had a little lightbulb moment the other day on recycling with a twist.

My sister makes very yummy handmade soaps and body lotions -- I know a lot of her overhead goes to her packaging. I've always sent her bottles and boxes and containers to my household recycling bin, but got the idea the other day to wash them thoroughly and start stockpiling them to return to her the next time I see her (we live 800 miles apart). I'm sure she can sterilize the bottles and containers (maybe not the boxes) and re-use them. Hopefully that can save her a couple of buckaroos and in a small way help the environment as well.

Now that's the ultimate in product/packaging recycling, don't ya' think? :)

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