Sunday, July 3, 2011

My Vacation

Days off around here are few and far between.  And vacations?  Really? Successive days off in a row?  Really?

One thing my mister and I make time for every year is a day to visit Denver's  Cherry Creek Arts Festival.  It is one of the largest in the country and growing every year.  Artists come from across the country to participate in this prestigious juried show.  And every year, the 4th of July weekend lives up to it's reputation of being HOT.  Blazing HOT.  (A little shout out and  huge thank you to the people under the green umbrella who offer free sunscreen lotion.  Because every year we forget to bring it.)  With over 230 artists showing and temperatures in the 90's and the heat beating off the pavement, you walk fast and practice a discerning eye.  So much amazing and unique art that it is overwhelming.

But, of course, my mind is never really too far from my Wee Ones.  I came home with business cards from a few shops/galleries in the very cool and hip Cherry Creek North 'hood that looked promising.  Coco the Wee Dog and I will be visiting them soon, business cards in hand (or in paw, if you will).

My favorite part every year? Getting out of the heat and escaping into the cool respite of Second Home in the JW Marriott. It is quiet and peaceful - just what one needs after hours in the sun. This year we were entertained with a birthday book ~ you look up the day you were born and it reveals your personality. Scary. But entertaining. We got to choose our own music; we chose Bob Marley. As close to vacation as we will get that day.  *wink*

We enjoyed delicious hummus, veggies and to-die-for focaccia bread along with a nice chardonnay and the mister's choice, a Guinness.

I loved my vacation. :)  Now back to work.  Stay tuned because I have another request for what I affectionately call a "wee clone."  Yup, my impressionistic version of a darling pup.  Oh boy.  Can't wait to share. :)

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