Thursday, July 14, 2011

Booga Booga All Year 'Round!

Last Halloween time was the first time I created Halloween-themed critters.  I had to really think about it ~ and remember that I somehow found inspiration in the long, long, long drive from central Iowa (visiting my Mom and siblings) back to Denver last September.  I guess I just had so much time on my hands (quite unlike me) so while listening to various podcasts, I just pulled out my sketch book and started thinking about things one associates with Halloween.

Before long I was sketching all sorts of monsters and witches and pumpkins.  Once home, I began developing patterns and well ~ the rest is history.  I was astonished how popular Halloween items were!  In fact, Halloween season proved to be a better-selling season for me than Christmas!  My sister - whom I affectionately refer to as "Martha" (you know the one... and has done awesome crafts over the years) predicted that.  She said she always sold more at Halloween time than Christmas.  Go figure.

But what has surprised me even more is that my little monsters, et al, have sold sporadically all year long.  Again - go figure.  Which kind of raises the bar to come up with some new creatures for this Halloween (which is like - tomorrow - you know).  But until then ~

Mum and Susan the Zombie are going to take up residence at A Show of Hands in Cherry Creek North  (Denver) tomorrow ~ along with 26 of their closest friends.    *wink*  Stop by and say hi.

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