Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thank You Amigos!

Being a one woman show as I am requires I spend about 85% of my life working alone in my studio. That works for me as I'm kind of an introvert (aren't most creative people?) and a control freak with a bit of OCD sprinkled on top. About 10% then goes to my family; the additional 5% to local events where the Wee Ones and I mingle amongst the population.

What's missing? There appears to be 0% time for friends.

Which is why I am so grateful for my online community of friends - both those of the crafty variety and those who are just fun, inspiring, brilliant in their own way (the ones who make me laugh are especially dear to me...) - and most of whom I will probably never meet in real life. But as I work away [in that 85% of my time], my computer is always on and as I walk by I check in.

So this is for you, my cyberspace friends - you have no idea what the support you give me has done for me. The support, the encouragement, the "go for it; you can do it" messages have given me a sense of confidence I've never known. There is no way my "wee" idea would have taken me to where I am today without you.

I totally heart each and every one of you. I once told my husband that even in my older years (come on, I'm only 56!), I will never be lonely. Can you imagine Facebook in about 30 years???! *wink*

Grab this kiss I am blowing to you and carry it in your heart every day.



  1. Oh Cindi! You are so sweet! I am so grateful to have met you! Even if we will never actually meet ;) I heart you!

  2. I think we'll meet some day, until then, you are a wonderful cyberfriend. :)