Thursday, May 12, 2011


Seeing the ongoing popularity of dinosaurs and dinosaur-related items in my Etsy shop has me waxing nostalgic for the days when dinosaurs roamed my own home... No, I'm not really that ancient; but in the mid to late 70's when my little guys were growing up dinosaurs: plushie and plastic; on paper: hand-drawn or in a book - were everywhere. (I recall stepping on - and writhing in pain - a particular set of plastic dinosaurs often.)

My older son started drawing dinosaurs at age 4 and both of them could explain to me the difference between a Stegosaurus and a Triceratops and beyond. Dinosaurs were a huge part of their childhood.

So when I think of creating something for little boys, of course dinosaurs are usually the first thing to spring to mind. And nothing pleases me more than knowing that I'm sending something dinosaur-related off to a new generation of dinosaur-obsessed little boys.

A couple of weeks ago I learned that my now all-grown-up son is coming from San Francisco to visit this weekend and that both my boys will be spending the weekend with us, the first thing I did was bring a couple of Wee Dinosaurs to life.

Waxing nostalgic...


  1. I was really into dinosaurs as a kid, and I still love them now as a 25-year-old. Heck, I have dinosaur prints hanging in my jewelry studio!

  2. Paige ~ I only knew dinosaurs from a boy's perspective. So cool that you were and still are into them! :)