Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hello Project Hello!

I am so honored and excited and a wee bit nervous to have been accepted to be a part of project hello on June 25, downtown Denver at RedLine!

It is unlike anything I have participated in (although it is similar to RAW in a way, but different). It is a juried event with the theme of "introduction" - introducing yourself to artists of all genres thru your art. A written proposal as to how you would do that was required, as well as submitting images of your work.

My proposal (in a nut shell) was:

When people walk down the street and encounter another person the inclination is to look down or look away and just pass by in silence.

When people walk down the street and encounter another person walking a dog - well... the inclination is to stop, pet the dog (or at least admire it) and strike up a conversation with the dog-walking person. "What's his name? What kind of dog is he? Where did you find him? What a good boy! Do you walk this park a lot? Do you know if there is a coffee shop nearby?" Introduction made and conversation ensues.

When people stop by my booth at project hello they will meet me "walking" my Wee Dog, Coco - well resting on the park bench (actually a chair). To switch things up a bit, Coco will be the one asking questions - i.e., "What's your name? What do you do? Where did you grow up?"

The responses Coco receives to his questions will recorded and later will be shared in a post on my blog. I will also post a link to my blog on both my Facebook pages (business and personal). That, in turn, is a way for the connection to go beyond "project hello" to "hello friend." :)

I honestly was surprised (and delighted) to see "project hello submission acceptance!" in the subject line of the email last week. So today, preparation began. My goal is to have at least 50 Wee Ones ready for the event. I plugged in my inspirational movies (it was Johnny Depp day) and started the assembly line process. Five dogs and three zombies to start. I'm grateful to have a month to prepare - usually it is a week!

So background entertainment for tomorrow - possibly some British comedies like "Waking Ned Devine" or Meryl Streep movies or something crazy from Netflix online streaming. :) Stay tuned.

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