Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday Morning Advice: Leap and Trust.

I remember walking past this skull and crossbones flannel fabric in the store and thinking, "Oh that's cute."

Walk past again; thinking, "But is it too edgy?"

Walk past again; thinking, "But I like it. It's my quirky personality. If I like it, surely someone else will like it, too."

Walk back, pick up the bolt of fabric and think, "Oh, go for it."

So I did. And I'm glad I did because it taught me something ~ to trust my instincts. If I like it I'm going to have fun creating it. And if I like it, chances are someone else will like it as well. It is a philosophy I adopted with my photography a few years ago ~ to be a little daring and different and not worry about what other people think ~ and now I am carrying that philosophy into my new world of creating things for kids. Design things that make me smile and I will bet you a dollar someone else will smile as well.

So my Monday morning advice? Don't hide your personality ~ let it show in your work! Don't worry about pleasing everyone because you never will! Dare to be a little "out there" because there are friends "out there," too! And it's a helluva' lot more fun. :)

I was reminded of this with my friend, Kathleen's recent blog post about photography. If you create things you like that's really all that matters. Because that will reflect in your work; you're happy; you will probably touch or inspire someone ~~ and it is a win-win!

So I had so much fun creating this little bib yesterday. And guess who bought it early this morning?

Kathleen. Point made. :)

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  1. lol Love this post! You and I think alike soooo often! :)