Friday, July 30, 2010

Certain Things. Like the Tooth Fairy.

Three things are certain. Death (sorry to tell ya'); taxes (again, my sympathies); and kids will lose their baby teeth.

In Ireland and Great Britain, children used to bury baby teeth. In some Asian countries, children throw their lost tooth off the roof or into the space below the floor (depending on where the tooth was located in the mouth). In Japan, children throw the tooth straight down or straight up in the air (again depending on where the tooth was located in the mouth). *

And in America, of course, children leave their woebegone tooth under their pillows or in a "safer" (for the Tooth Fairy) place such as a Tooth Fairy pillow in hopes they will receive a reward (usually monetary). In my day it was a nickel; I am scared to think what it is today... But that's neither here nor there ~ the need still exists!

So the new addition in my Etsy shop cmh design are Tooth Fairy pillows.
Of course. ;-)

*Source - Wikipedia

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