Friday, August 20, 2010

Remembering Muffin~~~

Anyone who has ever had a dog or a cat (or a fish or a bird ~ on and on) as a member of your family understands this ~~~

Once in awhile I get a special request to make a clone of someone's pet ~ a little Mini Me if you will. Sometimes it is to commemorate the passing of beloved pet; sometimes it is just a pet that is loved so much the "parents" want more of them.

Whatever the reason, these requests present a big challenge for me; but one that I do my best to honour. I accept such a request with caution and an explanation up front ~ the Mini Me will be an impressionistic version of your pet. It won't look exactly like them. I am a perfectionist (yes I said it) so that is the first obstacle to overcome... Every animal is unique and special, so it is challenging; but I do my best to come close. Working from a photograph I pull out my sketch pad and measuring utensils and go to work.

And so it was with Muffin. Muffin was a much-loved family dog of friend's husband's family (following that?). When Muffin passed, she, of course, left a huge hole in the family. My sweet friend wanted a remembrance and a likeness of Muffin for her husband, so working from a black and white photograph, with a brief description I did my best to honour Muffin from Georgia...

RIP sweet puppy.

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