Thursday, April 21, 2011

Take a Chance. Say Yes.

Last month I blogged about saying yes. It is a fairly new concept to me; but each time I have nodded the affirmative it has lead to a new and happy experience.

Most of my product line is sold online or in my fabulous consignment shops. It is only recently that I have ventured out into the world ~ literally packing my wares into a couple of bags and physically carrying them to various venues, setting up a table and selling. Selling. Me. Me ~ who is not even too fond of talking on the phone. If you know me, you know that. *wink*

And it is a lot of work preparing for events. I try to have at least 30 products to display and sell and have a variety of what I create on hand. Sometimes events have a theme and I work around that. I update brochures and business cards and print plenty of each. I have gift bags made with my logo ready to go. I need to be sure I have enough cash on hand to make change. It is a lot of work.

And before each event I say, "I don't think I will do this again for awhile."

And each day after the event, I am applying for the next event that catches my eye.

Why? Because all the hard work pays off ~ literally and figuratively. Events always end up being fun. It's fun to interact with both event attendees and fellow artists. I love seeing what other artists do ~ wow, there are some talented, unique people creating original and awesome art out there! And it is fun to swap "creating" stories! Add to that ~ I am constantly surprised by how well my little Wee Ones, et al, find their way into people's hearts and end up going home with them. :)

So, if you are an artist or a crafter and are hesitant about participating in "real live" events, take it from me ~ if I can do it, you can do it! Say yes. It's worth it!

(Oh and it doesn't hurt to have a really supportive, sweet husband who will lug the 6' table around for you and keep you company, too.) :)

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  1. Insightful and inspiring. Thanks for the piece of enlightenment! I'm sure as artists of all mediums, we all go through this feeling!

    I tagged you for the versatile blogger award.