Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hellooooooo Chicago!!

And it is a GO in Chicago!!! What a great topper to my 2nd Anniversary celebration! Wahoo!!!

I just signed a consignment deal with an awesome shop hanger 18 in Chicago. Chi-town. The Windy City. Chicago, Chicago, that toddling town!

I super excited as I have wanted to get into the Chicago market for some time now and hanger 18 looks like a perfect fit. Thanks to Tina at hanger 18 for the opportunity!! My mister is a native of Chicago and we absolutely love that city. Who knows... perhaps we'll need to take a business trip one of these days...

So if you're in the Chicago area, stop by hanger 18, 4726 N. Lincoln Ave. next week and visit my Wee Ones. Who, by the way, are super excited to be going to live in Chicago!

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