Friday, March 25, 2011

Doing Business.

I recently watched a segment on the Today Show about women over 50 starting their own businesses. And honestly I don't remember their suggestions; mainly because I was so surprised they didn't mention online venues ~ of course Etsy being the most well-known. It made me wonder who did their research for the segment. Sheesh.

Etsy is the most popular but there are many other online venues that offer anyone who has the time, the drive and a good product to sell the opportunity to do so. I'm learning now two years in, that it is important to get yourself and your wares out there locally, too. But online is a good place to start - to test the waters so to speak. It is a safe space to see if the idea you have is worth pursuing.

Of course, it is not just the product itself. You could have the most fabulous one-of-a-kind awesome product; but if you don't know how to promote it ~ or take time to promote it, it will fall flat. And that is, again, where sites like Etsy go above and beyond to help you learn ~ if you take the time to study.

Facebook is another good way to get the word out. Building a business page is easy peasy and can reach millions. Again, you have to be diligent in posting and making it fun; the posts aren't going to write themselves.

Of course there is Twitter and all manner of other options as well. But, at least for me, there are only so many hours in a day (mine is usually about 15).

Blogs - of course. But (and I've learned this and I try my best...) keep it fairly brief ~ again, fun. Online viewers/readers attention spans are very short. I know because I'm one of them. :) Unless it is your Mom or your best friend, you're probably going to lose them after the second paragraph. And on that note, I'm done.


  1. LOL -- nicely done. Just found my way here to your blog after reading that thread about long-winded blogs on the TFTeam. Personally, I'm a reader, so I think this post was just the right length!

  2. Oops~it was the Etsy blog team~hope I didn't offend anyone with my contribution to the thread :)