Saturday, January 8, 2011

Quick ~ Make A Wish!

One of the things I love most about making my little critters and all that goes with them, is it allows me a venue in which I can give back ~ pay it forward. A new cause just kind of fell into my lap when an awesome customer asked if I would be interested in donating a couple of Wee Ones to a fundraiser for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Colorado.

Is that even a question? Of course I want to!

So, nothing gets the wheels of creativity churning like a new theme. The fundraiser has a sports theme dubbed as "Sporting Affair Celebrity Waiter Dinner." It will be held at Denver's brand spankin' new Four Seasons Hotel and feature silent and live auctions along with a dinner served by Colorado's favorite sports heroes.

So. Sports... In a sports-crazy town and state, I'm more of a theatre, comedy, music person; but I love a challenge! So, keeping copyright restrictions in mind (i.e., don't use any copyrighted logo fabric; the pro organizations -and their attorneys - frown on that), I pondered the project.

What I came up with was the idea to look at the mascots of each Denver/Colorado pro teams and the mascots of the top four universities in Colorado. I decided to make "impressionistic" versions of the mascots in the form of my Wee Ones, using each team's colors.

The photo above depicts my version of the four professional teams' mascots:
  • Buckaroo representing the Denver Broncos (football)

  • Raquel representing the Denver Nuggets (basketball)

  • Dinah representing the Colorado Rockies (baseball)

  • Bert representing the Colorado Avalanche (hockey)

Today I tackle the mascots for the University of Colorado, the University of Northern Colorado, Colorado State University and the University of Denver (which will prove to be the most challenging as there appears to be some controversy over exactly which of two mascots is the real mascot! Yikes!)

But to my point (and I do have one!) ~ I decided why stop the love with the fundraising dinner? So I will be carrying a line of sports-themed Wee Ones (and other Wee Ones) in my Etsy shop indefinitely with 10% of each sale going to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Colorado.

Thanks for stopping by. :)


  1. This is such a wonderful thing that you're doing! Your little guys are so adorable and I'm sure that make-a-wish and especially the recipients of these creations with be so appreciative of the time and thought you put into them!

  2. Thanks, Amanda! I hope to raise a bunch for those kids! :)