Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A New Era. In a Couple of Ways...

With this little guy I've turned a corner in my creations. Mickey Moose is the first to have an accessory ~ if that's what you want to call his little red scarf. It's a small thing, but it's new. It sets him apart from the freckles pack. He has me thinking of new directions and new accessories. It's stretching my boundaries a bit and I'm dreaming up small little things that could add personality to my animals.

In retrospect, it is a natural progression. I'm quite comfortable creating my animals now; so the next step would be to add a little something ~ make it new again. Just one more way to set my little guys apart and make them unique.

Well, that and the fact that today I embark on a totally new adventure. My beloved tank of a Singer sewing machine - which I purchased in 1974 for about $100 - has died. So after agonizing hours of Googling and jumping on forums last night, I will be sewing machine shopping today. It was interesting to learn that in the 35 years since I last looked at sewing machines, they, too, have leapt into the 21st Century. Sadly I also learned that Singer sewing machines (which my Mom's family has always sworn by) just aren't the quality product they used to be. Seems the ancient vintage one I own (yes, it's referred to as vintage - oh, man...) still ranks as a reliable beast; but the ones made by Singer in the last 20 years are put in the crap category.

Which complicates my search a lot ~ not only am I looking at new technology, I'm seeking out the best brand. Everyone has their favorite ~ their own stories and their own experiences. I've got it narrowed down to two brands, two models and from there it's just a crap shoot. I'll be visiting two sewing centers today and making a hopeful, shot-in-the-dark decision.
That being said, yes, of course I'm excited about getting a new sewing machine that can bust a few fancy moves. I just wish it had been my choice (more time to research and "try on for size") and less a necessity. And the learning curve has to be short because there are many bunnies and puppies and mooses and penguins to bring to life. Like now.

So off to the sewing centers I go. Although there will be a learning curve (and it had better be fast one!), the timing is right, I think. I see some fun and exciting possibilities opening up for me and my friends. I think I'll look back and see all this happened for a reason. :)

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