Monday, May 7, 2012

Hey Baby (bibs)!

I have played around with baby bibs in the past, but now I've stepped it up a notch and am having a blast!

Flannel comes in so many whimsical and adorable designs ~ they lead my imagination in all sorts of directions!  I've added chenille for the backing to add not only to the functionality (it's thicker and more absorbent), but adds to the texture and the all over design and fashion.

And to set them truly aside from the thousands of baby bibs out there, I always applique something on the front.  That's why I love the flannel designs so much ~ they inspire my appliques.

The crowning touch (almost literally) ~ I have discovered how easy it is to use pearl snaps and they add a touch of class to the bibs.  I had a real lesson when it came to the snaps...  I bought an expensive ($26) tool to attach the snaps.  After a very frustrating experience ~ they wouldn't attach and I ruined several snaps ~ I logged onto Pinterest (my new Google for all things crafty!).  It didn't take long to find a couple of awesome (and easy to understand) tutorials on how to attach snaps.  The real treat?  I found links to a fabric website (I thought I knew them all but I'd never seen this one) with super cheap pearl snaps (in colors no less!) and a little metal tool to attach the snaps.  It cost $2.50, all I needed to add was a hammer!  Easy peasy attaching.  And I've only hit my thumb once with the hammer.  (wink)  Needless to say, I returned the $26 "tool."

So here's hoping my customers will like my new products as much as I do. :) You can find some in my Etsy shop ~ with more to come!


  1. They are adorable! I'll pin some from your shop to share with others.

  2. Thanks so much Sandy! I appreciate the exposure! :)