Friday, December 3, 2010


Like many of you, I spend probably about 90% of my waking hours connected ~ either on my iPhone, my netbook or my studio computer. It has enabled me to take my little critters and my little business to levels I never could have imagined ~ nor could I have accomplished without all the technology available to me.

I have often thought how different my life would have been had all these avenues been around 30 years ago (yes 30 years ago!) when I was a stay at home Mom with two little guys. I did a lot of the same things I'm doing now back then and how I would have loved to been able to work from home and market to the world! But back to present day ~ I am just grateful to have the opportunities I have now.

However (you knew this was coming, right) ~~ however, I sometimes need to unplug. Walk away. Turn it off. Step back 30 years.

At least once I week I try to sit down and snuggle up with a cup of peppermint hot chocolate, my dog, my cat, a stack of magazines and catalogs and a note pad. I find that when I slow the pace down a little, open my mind, tap into some inspiration from unusual places ~ creativity flows in new and fun ways!

It is often a time when my best ideas are developed. My physical being appreciates the relaxation ~ and the dog and the cat are pretty darned happy I spent some time with them, too!

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