Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Keeping Things Current

One cannot stay unplugged for long at this time of year (see previous post).

Something that I have started doing with my Etsy shop lately is updating photos for popular items. I'm sure every shop has a handful of items that are good sellers, thus bought and relisted over and over.

It occurred to me yesterday as I was making my ~ umpteenth ~ Simon Owl (not that I'm complaining!) that he had kind of progressed over the last year and had some upgrades from my original Simon; and yet, I was still using the original photos. It actually got me to thinking that ~ just out of curiosity, plus good marketing ~ I wish I had kept close track of which animals sold the most. Which ones have I relisted time and time again. (Note to self: that is something to start in the new year. I'm sure if I check, Etsy can help me track things like that. I love all the tools provided!)

But I digress (it is early and as I wake up I am thinking out loud). I think Simon Owl was the very first Wee One I designed. So to still be using the original photos for him was outdated ~ and somewhat inaccurate ~ information. Plus he's just cuter now ~ the new and improved Simon! I made sure to digitally document the latest incarnation of Simon and replaced the photos in my Etsy listing.

Just something that occurred to me on this holiday season morning ~ it is important to keep online information accurate and up-to-date. It may even result in more sales! :)


  1. Simon is adorable!

    Using photos of a relisted item that has improved is good advice.


  2. Great advice Cindi! Thanks for sharing!